Anonymous; Mm why do you think so?

Because I was supposed to go in Sunday, Monday and Wednesday but I didn’t. And i didn’t even call in. Iunno. I hate it anyways, why the fuck I gotta commute almost two hours to get there and then two hours to get home? It’s not worth it.

Anonymous; Ohh, I'm like that at times too. Even the simplest things are enough to irk me.

People are great in moderation. Man, I think I’m gonna get fired when I pick up my paycheck tomorrow.

"If someone hurts you, stay the fuck away. No matter how hard it is, stay the fuck away."
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jongupinmybed; your love for fingers and hands is so cute tbh

T~T what ya talkin bout it’s so painful— oghod hands

Anonymous; What do you mean? Do you tend to get clingy or the complete opposite? :((

Most everything everybody does starts to agitate me /: but that’s if I stick around them for a few days, like you know when you stay with family too long

Anonymous; Aww you think that you don't get along with people well? I think we're getting along fine haha. I feel pretty special rn. :3

T~T I’m bad at getting a long with people I swear. Like I can handle small amounts of time, but after a couple days of being too close, I’ll go crazy ):

Anonymous; Ahh, everytime I go to a kpop event, I tell myself I'd meet and get to know people, but I end up chickening out everytime. :\\\

I do the same thing with cosplay conventions haha. This concert was my first kpop related thing I’ve ever done. I just don’t get along with people to be honest.

Anonymous; I live about 40 minites from LA! I'm thinking about going to KCon too. It depends on what the lineup is though. Cali's only nice if you live in the one of big name cities. Everywhere else sucks lol.

Iunno, I like San Dimas actually! Haha, but I don’t even know what Kcon’s line up might be, I just wanna meet kpop fans, but at the same time I don’t, because I’ll fight someone haha.

Anonymous; I have really poor social skills as well. :( I was wailing the majority of the time. orz Oh well, we can try to meet up the next time you or b.a.p visit LA again haha.

Do you live in LA? T~T I might roll into Kcon or somethin’ iunno. Once I get back to renewing my license I’ll be dippin out of Arizona more, cause fuck this state that’s why.