Sorry but I’m just gonna stop replying to everyone and everything currently.

I’m gonna just nap away the day, sorry.


you are so attractive . . .



This applies to a lot of things tbh!

좋아해정대현 | Do not edit.
Forgive me—
without you near,
I become a monster.

um i wrote this because i have struggled with pill addiction and i just needed to vent this isnt really a poem but its still my writing. 


do you ever just realize that you’re not a good person


withdrawal is
when you are so addicted
that you cannot live
without breathing in
the substance
that you desire,
but you aren’t able to
get the fix you need
or the one you crave.
withdrawal is
me missing you
the moment you
turn your back to me
and withdrawal is
me trying to find
something to fill this void
but nothing
quite compares to you.


zelo smoking because why the fuck not